There are so many of us that can remember the trauma we experienced as children, and it will follow us into our adult lives as well. Often times we hide it and we do not talk about it. BUT WE DO INDEED REMEMBER. 

It is time we begin to have the intense conversation, even if it hurts.
It is okay to ask a potential mate if they have ever been abused or have abused in any way.  

It is okay to have these intense conversations with our children. It is a hard reality but many times it may have already happened to our children and we do not know. 
I was on both ends of that. I was the child who had parents who had no idea and I was the parent who had no idea it had happened to my child. . 

PLEASE talk with your children and ASK THE QUESTIONS!!!!


Recently I had the opportunity to share my experience with sexual abuse as a child at a local Me Too rally in Springfield, MO

I have to say sharing my truth, I was able to set that 9 year old girl FREE. 

Feel free to take a listen below