About Kai

"YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made."

Psalms 139:14

MY WHY (In her Words)

My God is real and so genuine. I thank him daily for sparing my life and allowing me another chance to get things right.

My children are my main reason why I never give up. I have a deep connection to my girls and son. I wish when I was growing up that I knew what I know now. It is just the simple things that can add so much value to a childs life. I try and pour value into each person I come across. I believe that it is necessary to teach very early on the importance of self worth, self love and community.

My favorite Quote of all time:

"In order to see change, WE must first become that Change we wish to see." Ghandi

Kaijuanda is a true advocate for women and girls.


Since a young girl Kaijuanda has had the vision to help change the world and inspire the people around her to maximize their best potential.

While growing up for Kaijuanda wasn't a walk in the park; by the age of fifteen she had experienced low self esteem, teen pregnancy, depression and all forms of domestic abuse. By the age of 19 and after giving birth to her third daughter, she realized her life needed a drastic change.

Kaijuanda went on to pursue and accomplish her degree in business. After losing her job while on maternity leave she was forced into her passion. Kaijuanda has since  went on to pursue her advocacy work.

In 2008, she launched Drama Free D.I.V.A.S, Inc, a grassroots organization that empowers young girls. Its mission is to "Stand Strong to Inspire Change."

DFD works to make a difference in the lives of young girls and women on a daily basis and focus on awareness & prevention of Teen Pregnancy, Low Self Esteem, Domestic Violence and the encourage the importance of Education. To date, DFD strives to raise awareness year round at Kai's Amazingly Me Empowerment Conference for girls. 

Kaijuanda heartstrings are girls. While the events she produces are self funded, she still makes an everlasting impact!


As a survivor of Domestic Violence, Kaijuanda is also a Founding Member of the Stand Up & Speak Out organization that raises awareness on Domestic Violence which was founded in 2011.

In February of 2014, Kaijuanda was involved in a major car accident which the doctors stated would change her life forever. During her recovery she was told she would be paralyzed and would not be able to walk again. Although, she suffered a broken pelvic bone, broken neck, dislocated arm, staples and many bruises; Looking at her today you would not notice she had ever been in a wreck. She is living proof of what God can do and the poster child for overcoming obstacles.

Kaijuanda strives to be the best she can be. She has five amazing children and uses her life experiences to teach them early on what she wished she had known as a young girl.

Kaijuanda has spoken to many audiences including a large audience of over 2000 attendees at the Women's March in Springfield, MO. The march was one of many protests nationwide in opposition to President Donald Trump policies on the day after his inauguration.

Kaijuanda proudly serves on the Board of Directors with Southwest Missouri National Organization of Women; and is President of the local Springfield NAACP Chapter which is one of her biggest accomplishments to date. 

She is currently busy building her empire, her baby, The ME Experience (Empowerment Conference and Book Tour) be on the lookout in a city near YOU!

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