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"We are only as great as we allow ourselves to be."

Kaijuanda Sutton

I AM proudly and unapologetically Kaijuanda Sutton

I am thrilled to be able to share my story with others on how I overcame many obstacles on my way to self discovery; and I kept it classy along the way!

MY TRUTH: Yes, I have seen abuse and I have been abused since I was a young girl. Yes, I was a teen mom three times by the age of 19. Yes, I have had thoughts of suicide. Yes, I have been hurt and I have hurt others. Yes, I have lived with fear and procrastination which has delayed my success.

Yes, I thought that failed relationship was the worst point of life for me.

Until, I was faced with not being able to walk, dress or feed myself, cook for my children, move my neck, drive, lift my arms, a very humbling experience.

HE spared me. I have a story to tell. HE showed me that I haven't seen nothing yet.   

I have learned to embrace my struggles. as they have only made me stronger and prepared me for what is to come.

I am living life my way out loud and on purpose.


My Mission in life is to empower women and girls to overcome obstacles while on their journey to self discovery.

Learning to love yourself first, flaws and all is the key component to self worth.

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5 Step Guide to Self Love

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